Friday 24 March 2006

Second Last Antenatal Class

We had our second last antenatal class tonight, some exercises then a tour of the hospital's facilities (in relation of having a baby of course). The quality is a little poorer & more dated than we expected for a private hospital, I guess our expectations were based on that of Royal North Shore Private. You can either have a single or shared room, the rooms are the same size, thus the shared rooms are rather cosy, some might even say 'damn squashy'. We have reserved a single room (hopefully there is one available on the day). The delivery rooms or as I like to call them 'birthing chambers' have a rather scary looking bed (the term bed is used loosely here), however they have a really comfortable reclining chair for the husbands and access to Nitrous Oxide (N2O) gas, although I'm thinking I might have to fight with the wife for access to the N2O. The staff we have met seem nice or were they a patient from the psyche ward. Our last class involves watching birthing video, I've ordered Prozac and several boxes of tissues, somebody told me popcorn was not suitable for this type of video watching but I might smuggle in some snacks anyway.

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