Monday, 8 May 2006

39 Weeks and Counting the Days

Today it’s officially the start of week 39, only a mere seven days to our due date. Considering how Junior is moving around I think s/he wants out and NOW! The way Junior was pushing at Marika belly I think s/he was planning on pushing their way out via the belly button. The kid is quite an active little wriggler. Watching the belly moving reminds me of those special scenes in the Alien movies, just before the Alien appears. I hear that having a baby is a little alien at times, however I’m sure Junior is human looking most likely with the big family nose. We’re in the final straight, top of the ninth, 1st and goal, minutes to midnight, and all those other silly last moment staying and our excitement and terror are in overload. We think we are ready for the pooing, crying, eating machine to be on the outside to bring us joy and test our sense of smell!

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