Monday, 15 May 2006

Bella Welcomes Yia Yia & Theia

Little Miss Bella had a busy day, starting early about midnight and keeping us active till about 3:30am then we all managed about 4 hours sleep, let me say Woohoo! Then Bella decided that she would fight sleeping after her 7:30 breakfast until around 10:30, aarh then glorious sleep took over for the next 4 hours. Time for some house cleaning in readiness for our inbound guests, yes Isabella gets to meet her Yia Yia (Grandma Socratous) and Theia (Aunty Andrea) for the first time. I tried to explain their arrival to her, however we are not currently on the same communication page, but we are working on it, usually in the wee early hours of the morning when mum & dad want to sleep and she wants for something else unknown to us. Hopefully little Miss will want to sleep more tonight, as one of us has to go back to work in the morning.

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