Thursday 11 May 2006

Day 2 Baby Photo's

Well it’s after midnight, and for the second night running I’ve just arrived home getting ready to upload some new picture, maybe not, sleep is calling, so I’ll just add a few to this blog entry. Isabella had a good day, she showed us how strong her lungs were, proved that she can make her whole body go red when she cries, showed up the local baby wrap expert by freeing her arms in about 2 seconds. She loves to move her arms; she’ll turn her head and sleep on her hands. I was ‘lucky’ enough to have 3 poo filled nappies to change, mmmm what and odd colour but let not good there! Feeding the natural way is proving not to be so natural. Have you ever wondered what a lactation specialist dose, well DON’T! Good news on the new mum front, Marika is recovering very well from the caesarean or as I like to call it the Julius Caesar-ean. She is now fully unplugged but still has one needle thing in her wrist, let call it a port for better living through chemistry, which she was very happy to hear would be removed at 6am, (about 5 hours away now sweetie). She was very happy to get out of the lovely Hospital Blue butt revealing gown and into something a little less revealing. Anyhow 1AM is quickly approaching so I should wrap this up for now.
I have removed the photos and added then to Isabella's website

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