Wednesday 17 May 2006

Work for One, Bonding for Two

It was back to work for me today, however sleep deprivation and wanting to be with my girls hampered my working ability, fortunately I don’t use heavy equipment as that could have been rather dangerous for myself and everybody around me. As it was I almost walked into the wall a few times. I did manage to walk into some fool who was under the delusion that I would climb over the handrail so he walk beside his friend. My size and the fact I was carrying a bag of heavy groceries was a helpful force in showing him the correct side of the pathway, with a little thud. Sharing the walkway and allowing people of exit elevators & trains is just not the done thing here. The worse offenders are usually teens and twenty something’s, my mistake I keep forgetting the world owes them for all their sacrifices, mmmm there is something wrong with this statement, maybe my grumpy old fartness is kicking in again.

On to more interesting matters, our little Miss was up to her usual tricks in fighting sleep and keeping us awake most of the night. Night & morning she’s not keen on sleep, but afternoon & evening you can’t wake her. I guess we need to move eight hours west so that she sleeps the night. Yia yia & Theia Andrea helped look after her today and started their bonding time. Anyhow our little girl has just fallen asleep in my arms so I should sign off and put her to bed.

PS My spell and grammar checker is back online, past entries will be reviewed later when Isabella allows her.

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