Monday 22 May 2006

Long Live the Dummy (They Call Them Pacifiers These Days)

Sleep deprivation has hampered our ability to update our blog, our little angel has continued on her plight to fight sleep, last night she had one good sleep of about three hours, the rest of her sleeps ranged between five & fifteen minutes. So our day started rather early, about 3am, so getting to work early was on the books, surprisingly enough I have been able to function at work and have already completed my goals for the day. Now I have to wait for others to reply before I progress onto the next stage. So blog updating time it is.

At lunch today I purchased bottle sterilising equipment, new born formula and two pacifiers (actually they were part of the ‘Free Gift with Purchase’ for the steriliser). I wasn’t keen to give our baby a pacifier, didn’t want her or our dependence to start. However after a few days of a relentless crying child we gave in and lo and behold she was quiet and Marika just told me she been sleeping for three hours, but starting to stir now. Woohoo we might get some sleep tonight! We’re going to hold off using the formula, it’s our emergency blanket in case we need it at 4 in the morning. Marika’s one tuff cookie, but I fear the sleep deprivation may impede her ability to stay awake enough to feed our always hungry little girl.

I think the last few days have been tiring for our guests / helper. Thankfully Marika’s mum & sister have been there to help out; it’s nice when somebody else cooks for you. Especially when you consider how I like to cook, you use cinnamon & mixed spice when making spaghetti, right? The two second rule still applies in this sterilized world we live in, correct?

P.S. Did you know when you’re really tired walls jump out and hit you and all my comments above make sense, including the cooking tips, you should give them a try!

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