Tuesday, 6 June 2006

06/06/06 Nothing Evil About This Date

Today’s date is 06/06/06, no matter if you’re from the USA or the rest of the world you shouldn’t get today’s date confused. Yes those people, who like to put the horse on the jockey, won’t confuse those who follow the day/month/year style. Being a document nerd these days I think we should be using the reverse in full, 2006/06/06 with the leading ‘0’ when needed. Why you ask, well it helps keep lists of dates in chronological order, keeps the pattern the same and finally because I said SO! When I was living in the USA, I was asked what kind of birthday cake I wanted, to which I responded; ‘FRESH and preferably in six months when it’s my birthday’.

Isabella Files – Well Little Miss has been testing our abilities to live on minimal sleep, we are surviving. She has learnt a new trick; it’s called waking up screaming and continuing on and on until she runs out of energy, usually about 6 hours later. I think I’ll slap the next person that tells me baby sleep most of the time! Yesterday we moved Isabella’s cot out of our room into her own, Marika wasn’t too happy with this move, and I wasn’t sure about it either. However we were following recommendations from friends and experts. She’s going to need her own space as she gets older and we get better sleep as we don’t wake up every time she makes a noise, and she makes lots of noise when she sleeps. Last night’s experiment was successful, Isabella slept well and so did we, well I slept solid and Marika woke up a few times when Isabella bellowed out her sleeping sounds. Is it a male thing to be able to sleep through a baby' s cry?

I wasn’t planning on getting up at 06:06 this morning to write this blog, and thankfully Isabella allowed us to sleep past this time!

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