Friday 9 June 2006

Fencing Singapore – Fighting Fit 4.33kg

This weekend the University I work at is holding a Fencing competition, called Fencing Singapore. Being a country boy at heart that has travelled around the would a little bit, I’m intrigued by the competition title, other countries have tried that, East Germany or was it West, China, USA and others, even Australian states have tried it, Rabbit proof fence, Dog fence, mmmm maybe they are the same fence. I was also intrigued that they would hold a fencing competition inside a building; hey then again I’ve seen fences inside building at the Royal Show and many Government and bank building to corral patrons into an orderly fashion. So I guess it’s not so strange. Getting back to the point at hand, I’m not sure why Singapore needs to build a fence around itself, it’s an island after all and has its on natural fence of sorts, maybe they could train sharks to patrol the waters! Arriving at work this morning I could here this twinging of wire hitting wire, I figured some of the competitors must have been training for the wire fence event, again intrigued I started to wonder what events they have on offer, like palling or picket fence, barbered wire etc, so I wandered over to see what was happening, lo and behold all I find are some pansies dressed from head to toe in white tights, whipping and poking at each other with metre lengths pieces of wire. Here’s me thinking these guys have no idea, no tool belts, no tools and they’re barking up the wrong tree if they think they can build a fence with such short pieces of wire and those lovely white jumpsuit will get rather dirty, hope they remember the OMO.

We had a trip into see the lactation specialist, little Miss has been refusing to feed the natural way; she’s fine with the bottle. None of the specialist’s tricks worked, so the feeding fights will continue, supplemented with bottle when needed. While at the hospital Isabella and I went for a walk to the paediatrician’s office for a weigh-in, she a fighting fit 4.33kg, so we guess that she is eating enough as she continues to grow, both mum and dad enjoy playing with her chubby little arms and legs.

If I have time this weekend I’ll try and update Isabella’s website with pictures and maybe video’s from her first month as a breathing, screaming, feeding, poohing baby.

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing you - trust Isabella settles down alittle before we have to share a house at night! I do have some earplugs for you though. We fly in 30th June and out 16 July.