Friday, 16 June 2006

Red Eyes & Magical 40 Days – Religion Oops Bella

I’m starting to think my eye are permanently blood shot, NO I haven’t been drinking it’s from baby enforced lack of sleep blood shot! So why aren’t Bella’s eyes blood shot? The magical 40 days mark is just around the corner, people keep telling us that things should get better after 40 days, we’ll see. Speaking of 40 days, with the Greek Orthodox religion you can’t enter a church for the first 40 days, on the 40th day you have to get the baby blessed then the priest will lead you into the church. This is the story as I have been told; also I heard that it’s different for boys and girls. Is this sexist or are there different special religious needs that newborn boys and girls have? Based on how old this religion is I would assume this is sexist. Sadly many religions are sexist i.e. alter boys, male only priest, marriage services and protocols, Hijab (female Muslim head scarf), maybe I shouldn’t delve to deeply into these differences as I might be missing something, like Muslim female might wear the scarf's because they can grow beards, just kidding but I do recall reading somewhere that some religions require the men to grow beards or not cut their hair. Come to think of it, most Orthodox priests I’ve seen have beards. When I have some spare time I should sit down and read different religions manuscripts so I’m more informed, I hope you can get the Russian Orthodox guidelines & the Qur'an in English. I’ve read about the Druid’s and their beliefs, I watched all the Star Wars movies and read some of the books so I’m up the Jedi religion. I was raised initially generic Christian then Baptist so I have an understanding of liberal Christian religions. I’ve had some interaction with what I call the stodgy Christian religions that is the one’s that are steeped in pompous ceremony. It makes me question the real meaning behind some religions when I see the material wealth contained in their churches, temples, mosques, synagogue, building etc and realise how poor yet how much their parishioner give in the name of their faith. I guess this is a reflection of my church up bring were the only gold thing in the building was a thin ring edging on some donated dinner plates. Yes I am bitter & twisted, but not about any of this. If I have offended anyone with my above topic, it was not meant that way. At times like this I look to my good friend Desmond Tutu for advice. What he would say, the first thing that comes to mind is his South African accent saying ‘Tough titties’. I think more sleep is required for me to return to coherency.

Talk about the running wild dribble, I’ve bounced from one subject to another today. Maybe I should move onto my number one topic at the moment, Miss Isabella. She’s good, her motor skills are improving. She knows how to spit the dummy and how to stop you putting it back in using head movements and forceful hands. She has given up on feeding the natural way and only takes bottles. Her little hands try to hold the bottle but she really doesn’t have fine motor skill required, she’ll whack the bottle away with her hands if she’s had enough. I’m starting to think she might be a stubborn one, I figure that comes form her mother’s side, her mother might disagree. She’s not the best burper but her farting skills are up there with the best in age group, another thing I think she gets from her mother’s side, again there may be some disagreement there. To confuse Isabella even more we have given her an (American) Indian name, roughly it translates into English as ‘Loud of Lungs’. We considered ‘Howls like Wolves’ but that name was already taken by ‘Dances with Wolves’ son. I just received an IM from Marika, ‘Loud of Lungs’ is at it again, yes where did I leave those earplugs.

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