Tuesday 13 June 2006

Isabella’s Website Pictures & Video Uploaded

Amazingly I found time to update our website over the weekend. OK I managed to do it late Sunday afternoon; the rest of the time was taken up with Isabella & Marika. I’ve added some pictures of Isabella’s first month and a video of her time in hospital. The video site upload function was offline until late last night, so if you looked before then you would have only got the cats. The video ' s a little dodgy, I need to work on my sound editing and some of the footage looks like it was taken during one of the earthquakes that have hampered parts of Asia in the recent months. I have some post hospital video for your viewing pleasure, however finding the time to edit is the catch stopping me from uploading it. I’ll try and do this later in the week. I may need to invest in some better editing software to improve the overall presentation. I think the video camera came with some; maybe I should try that first!

As for the Little Miss, she is growing well, or as my sister said the other day ‘like a weed’, yes she can be a little obnoxious at three in the morning but it’s not nice to call her a weed! She is sleeping better at night, we usually get one five hour stint from about 11pm to 4am, and some times another three or four hours after her 4am feed. Not today though, she stayed awake till 6:30am and was ready for her morning feed less than an hour later. Her awake time is expanding, mostly between early morning till early evening. When I’m at work so I get to see her sleeping, Marika get the joy (sometimes challenge) of awake time to herself. I think Isabella’s already living on Australian Eastern Standard Time, which will be good for when we are there later this month.

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