Wednesday 28 May 2008

Baby Boy Bywater Born

Talk about lots of B’s. Today about 2:30 pm Singapore time we officially welcomed a baby boy into our family, weighing in at 3.47kg with a length of 55cm. He surprised us with his size; we thought he was going to be about the same size Isabella was at birth. However Isabella was a quarter kilo lighter and 5 cm shorter and she even baked for a week longer. The bad news is he has to spend his first day and night in NICU, so no cuddle and bonding time for us and thus no name yet, all because he’s a ‘Grunter’ (the doctor’s official description for his condition). For those lucky enough not to know what NICU (pronounced ‘Nickyoo’) stands for, it is ‘Neonatal Intensive Care Unit’. Needless to say I’m guessing our sleep tonight won’t be very restful.

Yummy Oxygen, Just What The Doctor Ordered

P.S. Spelling and grammar in this Blogs over the next few weeks may be poor. Hopefully the spelling and grammar skills will improve with sleep.

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