Monday, 19 May 2008

Final Subject - Subject Hell

Today is a bad day, well not really, it marks the start of my final subject for my studies. It’s a core subject that I’ve not wanted to do, mainly because it has an essay based final exam worth nearly 50% of the final mark. I’ve never done well in essay based exams; usually I’m lucky to pass. Multiple choice, short answer and essay based assignments, I say bring them on, but essay exams can just go and get #@*!. I had this nightmare essay exam during my undergrad studies that was two hours long, we had to write four essays (ten to choose from) where the lecturer wanted each roughly between 400 and 500 words in length, what a bitch to mark! I have shocking and slow hand writing and spell like that of a seven year old. During my prep work for the exam I worked out that I would only be able to physically hand write two essay in two hours. In the exam I almost finished three, sadly I couldn’t even read my own hand writing. Oh yes I did fail that subject and it was a pre req for another subject I wanted to do. Luckily for me I noticed that you only had to have taken that subject, it said nothing about passing the subject so I was able to take the subject and I received a very good grade for it too. The subject co-ordinator later changed the wording so that you had to pass the crappy pre req subject. Me, I was all smiles as I didn’t have to undertake that rather tedious subject again! A few other people failed the crappy subject and the average mark was a pass.

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