Monday, 26 May 2008

The Final Count Down

Life is good as we try to prepare ourselves for the arrival of baby number deux. My mother arrived from Oz a few days back in readiness for ‘the arrival’, thankfully number deux wasn’t in a hurry to get out before Isabella’s babysitter arrived, aka, mother or Grandma as Isabella knows her. We have a doctor’s visit tomorrow; hopefully then we’ll know if a ‘natural’ birth is an option. Our medical history is indicating that natural is not likely this time round but we will see. Even though we’ve already had one baby, somehow I just don’t feel prepared for the arrival of the next, mmmm how do you care for a newborn, bathing etc and oh that lack of sleep thing that accompanies newborns. We are trying to educate Isabella about the new arrival but I don’t know how much is getting through, hopefully more than we realise!

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