Thursday 29 May 2008

Meet Lucas James

He has a name, my first choice was Luke Skywalker but Marika was exceptionally fast to veto that name, one of his cousins decided he should be called Boris, however after discussing our various name options with young Lucas we all agreed he was a Lucas. And the extremely good news today is our little boy was out of NICU and back with us before lunch time today. Okay his stats are: born Tuesday 27th May 2008 at approximately 2:30pm Singapore time, weight 3.47 kg (7.7lbs), Length 55cm (21.7in), son number one, child number two, he’s a little bent and goofy looking at the moment (I can say that as I’m his father plus I’ve been told he looks like me) but of course to us he’ll always be our gorgeous boy. Isabella seems to like the idea that she has a little brother, although she’s not so keen on her mother staying in hospital. Mummy and Daddy are elated with their new arrival however nappy changes for boys are different to that of girls; we’ve already experienced the sprinkler attachment in full action (clean bedding was required for both mother and child). Enough yapping from me, I’ll upload some pictures for you viewing pleasure. I’ll try and add further updates and pictures over the next few days. 

Isabella Holding Lucas

Lucas James Sleeping

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