Friday 30 May 2008

Home Sweet Home

My little family is all together at home, Lucas has given his new bed the thumbs-up. He likes to sleep, which is a good thing, Wednesday night he slept for 7 hours, last night about 6 hours. I’m told that I started sleeping through the night very early, so maybe Lucas is taking after me, and in reality I know that this is not likely the case but you can’t blame me for being hopeful. Isabella has been a little wild and grumpy today, happy that mummy is home but not so happy that mummy has to spend time with Lucas. I guess it will take time for our little family to settle down. Back on the Lucas front he has a little jaundice, yes another yellow five fingered funny, Isabella had jaundice rather bad, resulting in an extra day in hospital, thankfully Lucas isn’t so bad but we have to watch it closely for the next three days or so. Its 9:30pm here and the house is quiet and in darkness (except for the glow from the computer monitor), Isabella has finally gone to sleep, getting her to go to sleep this past week has been a challenge, so much easier when she was trapped in the cot. Since the house is quiet and everyone else is sleeping, it is time for me to commune with the Sandman. Good Night.
 Lucas Testing Out Daddy's Comfy Chair

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