Saturday 10 May 2008

The Boo Is Two

Today marks our little daughter’s second birthday, yes we survived the first two years and have marched head first into the terrible twos, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Stop, Straight into the Terrible Twos for all of us. I don’t think she understands the concept of birthdays yet, but she’s seems keen to try it again, I think it was the new toys and chocolate cake, and she gets to try it all over again tomorrow when we have some friends over to help us celebrate. Mmmm our little princess has just wandered out of her bedroom and isn’t keen on going back to bed, and I’m buggered and thinking about heading to bed myself. I’m guessing she is a little wired on today’s activities and chocolate cake, mamma is now reading her a bedtime story, hopefully sleepiness will soon return for Miss Isabella. Back in bed, hopefully she stays there for the rest of the night.

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